EDIT: Figured it out; Double crochet bind off is curling

Edit: A couple folks on Ravelry pointed out that the edge would curl because it was knit in stockinette. Now I know stockinette curls, but I figured the crochet bind off would solve that… guess not. Thanks for looking though. :oops:
I was wondering if one of you experienced crocheters could help me out. I’ve knitted up this skirt on a stuffed bear and wanted to do something different than the traditional bind off so I tried a double crochet bind off. I’m 99% sure I did it correctly; in through the live stitch over the hook and through two stitches on hook leaving one and repeat. It looks great but is curling up. All I can think of is the tension being too loose/tight. Any ideas? Here’s a picture as I’m holding down the curl.

Double crochet is in through the live stitch, yarn over (yo) hook pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops twice. It is a much taller stitch than you have there. Your tension may be too tight, or you might try a larger hook. Good Luck!!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]I agree with catlvr, you didn’t do a double crochet. But I also don’t think that crochet will prevent the curling of a stockinette stitch.

I can only think of one stitch that might stop the curl; alternate between back post dc with dc across/around. This would give a ribbed appearance.

Turning your work and working from the wrong side using a double crochet (dc) may have a better result.

Or using an afghan hook (from the wrong side) and the afghan stitch or tunisian simple stitch (tss) may help correct the curl. At least the tss curls for me much like the stockinette is curling on your project. By working from the wrong side the curling would be counter to what you have.

– Jack[/COLOR][/FONT]

Been there, done that. My answer was to end the knitting with 2 purl rows after the final knit row, causing a ridge on the right side to straighten out the curl before starting the border. I also used multiple rows of single crochet for the border–just to make sure it didn’t still try to curl.