Edging for blankets

This might be a long shot but can anyone help please
Many years ago I’m sure I saw instructions for an edging for blankets where you picked up a number of stitches, turned and knitted along but on next row and maybe other rows some decreasing then increasing to form triangles.

Could it be a bunting border?
Never done it myself but looks like what you described.


Sorry I’m not sure why a preview image is not showing on that link. The link is for a video on bunting border.

Or this one is pretty with little key holes in it

Seems to work here

Thanks for that but the one I vaguely remember was not knitted separately but you pick up the stitches along one side

The borders that Creations linked to can be knitted onto a blanket.

Is that the type of edging you were looking for? If so, choose one that you like, then have a look for “knitted on edging” or “applied border” to see how to attach it.

I can’t find a good tutorial link right now, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

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Here’s a video that shows how to attach a border:

In this video, the instructor is knitting the border onto the bottom of a piece of in-progress knitting.

To attach a border to a blanket, you can pick up stitches around the edges, so you have live stitches ready to knit your border onto. Or, you can knit the border directly onto the selvedges by picking up a loop.

One area where you might need more help is going round the corners. I haven’t done this for a while, but if you come back and ask when you get to a corner I am sure someone will be able to help.

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Thanks for that I’ll have a look later

I have a pattern I can share for this but it’s a sew on after. I have found it useful when doing baby blankets so I can just knit white and then edge with colour as appropriate

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