Edging baby matinee coat

I am knitting the matinee coat in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino.

I have all pieces and I will start to sew them soon. My question is about the edging: the pattern says that once all pieces are together I have to pick up stitches from the cast on. How do I do this? Is there any video or tutorial you can recommend? When picking up the stitches do you use moss stitch or stockinette?


Here’s a video that will help with picking up stitches. You pick them up as you would a knit stitch.

Thanks a lot! That video definitively clears the matter!

I’ve picked up the stitches now… But I cannot figure out what to do next.

The pattern says: cast off 2 sts, [slip st used in casting off back onto left hand needle, cast on 2 sts knitwise, cast off 6 sts knitwise] to end. fasten off.

It may be this version of the Debbie Bliss matinee coat (she has several).

This one calls for a picot bind off.
See if this video helps:
It starts with casting [I]on[/I] 2sts but your directions start by binding [I]off[/I] 2sts. Next slip the stitch on the right hand needle back to the left hand needle and then follow the video. The bind off between picots is 6sts for your pattern so follow that instead of the knit 2 sts used in the video.