Edging a throw / afghan

So, I have decided to make an afghan / throw; have chosen my yarn and design but am a bit uncertain of how to edge something so large.

The generic instructions I have read for edging say things like “pick up 400 stitiches”, which seems like too many for one knitting needle!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be done?


Use a 40" circular needle.


Thanks for that reply Sue.

So do I pick up all the stitches on the 40" circular and then start knitting with them in a straight line with the other end?

Looking at Froogle / eBay it looks like 40" circulars are only available from the US too, I am based in the UK. Doh!

You’d need a long circ to knit, for sure. And yes, you would knit back and forth with it rather than in the round. You could also add a crochet edge, if you know how to do that.

There must be places that ship to the UK that carry long needles.

Here is one. I just Googled UK knitting stores and came up with a long list.


Perfect, thanks very much Ingrid, that’s great!

And I am currently trying to teach myself to crochet… and that’s a whole new topic in itself… it’s crocheting into the foundation row, get’s me into a muddle every time!

I have the same problem!!! Once I get onto the 2nd row, I do great at crocheting, but that foundation row just fries my brain. lol

Yes, you’d knit flat. They have long circulars in the UK, but they’re metric. Do a search for 100 or 120 cm instead of inches.