I remember that someone said to slip the first stitch of every row to create a nice even edge on scarves (or whatever), but I don’t remember if it should be slipped purlwise or knitwise. Thanks!

I am “trying” to knit this scarf in a charcoal wool.

I’m doing this on my scarf now, and it makes a great edge.

Slip the first stitch as if to purl on each row and knit the last stitch.

When you go to knit the second stitch, make sure to bring the yarn around to the back behind the slipped stitch. If you are doing seed stitch and are going to purl the first stitch after the slipped one, bring the yarn around back and between the needles to get it in front for purling. It’ll give you a lovely edge.

Do you mean move the yarn forward like I normally do for purling?

When you slip the first stitch, the yarn is hanging there in front if you knit the last stitch. You could just take it from there and purl that next stitch. If you make a point to bring it to the back and then between the two needles the way you would if you switched to purl in a row, it’ll make a nicer edge.

I don’t mean to be dense here, maybe I just need to reread this in the morning. LOL I’m really trying to understand this. :?? If the yarn is in front already I don’t see how you’d move it to the back and then bring it forward again. If you wrap it around the needle it would add an extra stitch, no? Otherwise you would just move it back and forth? Argg…I feel like a doofus. :rollseyes:

Maybe this will help, or not. :thinking:

Thanks Ingrid! I get it now. I’ll give it a try!

I was having trouble with this too and didn’t get the written answer either. :??

Thanks tons for the pictures!! I needed them too! :thumbsup: