Edges on garments

Hi…I am just starting a sweater. I am knitting in Stockinette stitch (on straight needles) and I noticed that the edges of my sweater are uneven due to the tension of my stitch. I will need to pick up stitches later to complete a boarder around the entire garment so I am going to start again and try to achieve a better edge.

My question is can I slip a stitch on every row to create a better edge? If I do that will it effect my ability to pick up stitches later? If you do slip a stitch does it count as a stitch??

I want to have a good edge -often my edges are “jagged” looking.

Yes, you can slip either the first or last stitch of every row for a neater edge. It counts as a stitch and sometimes makes it easier to pick up stitches around the edge.