Edge stitches- help with pattern instructions!

Hello! New to edge stitching- am I supposed to continue knitting the first and last stitch to create an edge stitch even on the “Purl 1 row” rows? Or just where it specifically says to work edge stitches? See photos for pattern instructions. I’ve completed the 15cm of the back and am trying to start the inc for armholes, where it’s circled yellow. Thank you!


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Often the edge stitch is only worked at the side edges and doesn’t continue on the armhole shaping and shoulders. Usually the pattern will say and will indicate if the edge stitch should be worked in stockinette (knit on the front, purl on the back) or garter stitch (knit every row). If your pattern doesn’t specify, then you can work the edge stitch however you would like.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you! It’s the Mia Sweater from Sandnes Garn. It says that “edge st: k every row” but so then would you do “k, purl until one left, k” for the purl rows in the armhole section? Or just purl all the way across and skip the edge stitch in those purl rows? I’m confused :slight_smile:

Knit every row on the 2 edge sts. So the purl row would be just as you wrote: k, purl until one left, k.

Maybe this one:

Yes that’s the pattern. Okay amazing, thank you so much!

Sounds like they want the edge stitches in garter, i.e. a garter selvedge. So a very thin vertical line of garter stitch running up the sides of your work.

Looks like a lovely soft, fluffy jumper!