Eddie needs help with a glove pattern

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and I need help.

I have not knitted for many years and have never knitted a pair of child’s gloves. I have a pattern from the internet, but am finding it hard to follow the instructions which read as follows

Cast on 40 sts and divide on 3 needles (I know how to do this), then it goes on to say "mark end of round: carry up marker. (where does the round startO. Join, work around in ribbing k2 P2 for 2"
increasing 2 sts in last round.

Can anyuone help me with this last sentence. Why do I have to join the wool and what is meant by mark end of round.

I tried another pattern yesterday but found the thumb was not in the correct position as I thought it should have been in the centre of the gore.

Hope this makes sense to whoever is reading it. I would love to receive your help.

Kind regards,


ps. If you have a simple pattern for child’s gloves aged 7, then I would appreciate it. The reason I am knitting the gloves is because I cannot buy a pair of dark grey to match school uniform and she is not allowed to wear any other color. and I now feel I have a challenge to knit them and master them.

Hi Eddie,

I have a childs glove pattern knitted on two needles - Very easy. Any help?


Hi Eddie

You have to join the wool because the pattern is telling you to work in the round - which is a continuous tube.

“mark end of round” simply means to place a stitch marker to indicate the end of your round and “carry up marker” means to keep it in the same place on each row (you don’t have to do anything, just move it from left needle to right needle when you get to it in each round).

This is a great place to look for other glove patterns and you might find flat knitted gloves, if that’s easier for you.

I Hope that helps. :mrgreen:

here is a very easy glove pattern. go to www.howtotvonline.com.
On the front page it shows the basics of knitting if you sign up(it is free) go to the kids crafts section and in the list there will be a section titled knitting belt/scarf/shrug if you click on the instructions link it also has the instructionds for gloves.

Hi Eddie
When i knit it the round with three dpn’s i just use the tail of the yarn to tell me where i started. THey just want you to use a stitch marker instead. And like Witerblues says you have to “join the yarn” so that your knitting in all one piece. Have you ever made mittens on three needles before? Or is this your first time useing double pointed needles for knitting in the round?