Calling anyone who has this or knows someone who has this. I have a 2 year old who is suffering from this and nothing is working for us. We have been to the doctor countless times and none of the creams he gives me seem to do anything. I went to a health food store and got some tea tree oil and have started to try this, I haven’t noticed any results yet. I feel so sorry for him he won’t quit scratching till he is bleeding. I read a little on emu oil, but not really sure if it is for eczema. Would love to hear what has worked for others.

:?? One of my boys has it on his legs. The cream we got from our pediatrician works well, but I also noticed that changing to All Free & Clear has made a difference. He seems to especially have problems at the beginning of shorts season. I’m not sure if it’s the grass on his legs, or what? :shrug:

Yes, you might want to try a different laundry detergent. Also, consider looking at what he eats. My niece is allergic to milk, and it makes her break out, but is much better when she doesn’t eat milk. For me, it’s the wheat/gluten. The skin on the back of my hands will break out if I eat gluten. You might think about temporarily taking these foods out of his diet to see if it helps his skin.
I know that there are lotions, etc that people have found to help. I bought a lotion bar from [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Indulging Sensations on The eczema was very minor on the back of my hands, but I could never get it to heal and it was so irritating, I’d had it for about two years. The lotion bar was amazing, because my hands healed in about a week after I started using it! If I eat too much wheat, then the eczema will start to come back, so I try to stay away from it, but the lotion bar helps it to heal and keeps my skin from getting too dry which also helps the eczema. I don’t know if something like this would work if the eczema is really bad, but it might be worth a try. [/FONT][/COLOR]

In my experience, a two-pronged approach works best. First, try to figure out what environmental conditions are causing the excema and eliminate those. That could be food allergies, or laundry detergent, or allergy to something else. You may need to experiment to find out what’s causing the problem. If it’s an air-born allergen like dust or pollen or mold, an air purifier in his bedroom could help a lot, too.

From the outside, I find that a good moisturizer works the best. I like Aveeno Baby Lotion even for me as an adult. My sisters and I have found that both for us and for their kids, the hydrocortizone creams don’t do a whole lot of good. A good moisturizer and taking care of the environment are the best.

(Emu oil has been widely recommended on another board I visit, though not necessarily for excema. They recommend this source for the best prices.)

Good luck!

There’s a girl that works at our local grocery here that has it pretty bad on her arms. She said her out breaks were caused by being out in the sun. She controls it with coconut oil based suntan oil. I always wondered how come she always smelled like suntan lotion…

I was going to suggest food allergies too- if the dermatologist recommended creams don’t work, maybe a trip to an allergist would help? could be something simple as a food dye allergy or something more complex like gluten intolerance… or a topical allergy like to detergent, soap, or fabric softener.

my daughter can get similar spots in the winter (not true eczema, but looks like it)- the doc said no bubble baths (just baths with mild soap and then lotion) as the bubbles leave a residue that is drying to the skin. the doc also suggested moving to a no dye detergent, and using aquaphor (a skin lotion) when it gets bad.

try noxzema. it was originally made for eczema before being marketed for acne. put a generous amount on and rub it in til it’s all absorbed.

My 3 year old has the same problem. We use the Free and Clear, but I also use Emu oil on her. It works very well.

Goat Milk. Both soap and lotion. I know a gal who sells goat milk products specifically because it cleared up eczema in more than one of her kids.

Thank you so much for everyone who has replied there are a few things in there we haven’t tried. My doctor did suggest no milk so we stopped giving him that, we also use no perfume or dye in our soaps, I double rinse all his clothes. My mother in law said to put green tea in his bath she heard somewhere it is suppose to help, I haven’t tried this yet though.

My three year old has extremely sensitive skin. Our pediatrician gave me a prescription hydrocortizone cream to apply to the lesions, told me to only bathe her with Dove soap and shampoo, to slather her with Eucerin cream when the itching got bad, as well as lotion her daily with a lotion with oatmeal in it. She is only allowed to take lukewarm baths with that oatmeal powder in it. Ever since, she has had fewer lesions and doesn’t scratch as much. Hope your little one gets better soon!

My 12 yo son has had eczema on and off most of his life. It was pretty bad when he was a baby – all over his beautiful face. We tried EVERYTHING under the son and not much worked or changed anything. Diet, enviromental allergies, laundry detergents, homeopathics, naturopathics – you name it, we tried it.

Finally we went to see a pediatric dermatologist who had us bath him twice a day ( no soap!) and then while his skin was still damp we slathered him in a mixture of Aquaphor ointment (in the big blue tub and not the cream) and a small amount of cortisone cream. This was all that helped him. Soon after we started this regimen, his eczema cleared up pretty much completely.

But not for forever. Now he has it on his feet and we are starting to treat it the same way we treated it when he was little.

I know that eczema is a systemic issue and that so much affects it that it is hard to isolate the one thing or even combination of things that bring it on. We know that Nick is allergic to dairy – skin contact will bring on hives and swelling. In fact this morning his dad wasn’t thinking and he gave him cow’s milk instead of his usual soy with his cereal and sure enough, his face broke out in a rash.

It’s a tough row to hoe and no matter how many well meaning people give you their remedies, there isn’t an easy fix to the problem. Some kids grow out of their eczema but many just go through cycles of having it throughout their lives.

I wish I had something more promising or positive to offer you.

Best of luck,

i hear Cutemol works wonders:

Non-prescription, too. Any pharmacy can order it for you.

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]DD (11 yo) has eczema. We have battled it for the last 4 years. We too have tried everything on the market or so it seems. Unfortunately it seems that the only thing that keeps it under control is the prescription creams (Elidel & Protopic) for the doctor. If she misses a day or two she will flare up. In addition to that we use the Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream. It’s real thick like Vaseline, but seems to absorb quicker into the skin.

We have seen a dermatologist (don’t even get me started on him) and an internist. She’s been tested for allergies and nothing came up. One thing that the internist explained to us was it was all about the moisture and getting her skin to retain the moisture. She takes a borage oil pill (for moisture) and an otc allergy pill everyday (for itching). We wash her clothes and sheets with All Free & Clear. I use the free and clear fabric softner and dryer sheets as well. The internist said to use Dove Sensitive skin soap. No fragrant body washes.

Milk doesn’t bother her … she drinks it everyday. However, I noticed that when she eats a lot of ice cream she has a flare up. (I’m thinking that it must be one of the ingredients … perhaps a perservative?) I quit keeping ice cream in the house (she totally loves ice cream.) Now we only buy it when we are out and it’s a treat.


Hi, I’m 25 years old and have suffered with eczema my whole life :frowning:

What works for me to some extent:

  • Tide laundry detergent just the plain original one ( no bleach ) or the dermatologist approved tide detergent.
  • Dove regular soap anything else irritates my skin like crazy
  • Spectro Gel for sensitive skin to wash my face
  • Cream provided by the doctor - I have gone through many different types and currently use a mix of eucerin glycerine and h2o

The only truly thing that has ever worked for me :
— My dermatologist has special tanning beds at his office. You basically tan for about 10 seconds in these special tanning beds (not the same as the tanning salon). Works like a charm and you get a nice tan hehe… Only bummer is you have to go 2-3 times a week… Alot of people with eczema and sceriosis use these beds and they work great.

Hope this info helps !!!

Try Aloe Vera gel its natural and it works!!!

Things that have helped my ten year old:
Cutting out wheat and dairy produce
Bathing a couple of times a week instead of daily
Sunshine ( he seems better in the Summer than the winter, think some of this is because we wear less layers then)
Natural fabrics
Hemp oil moisturiser