Economical Yarn

I would like to knit an afghan. I do not have a lot of money to spend and am wondering what type of yarn is a decent quality and not real expensive? I need it to be durable and washable. Thank you for your help.

It depends on what you like. There are people who can’t stand the feel of any synthetic yarn. I can’t use any animal fiber because of wheezing and itching.

If you need “inexpensive, wears like iron and can be washed almost daily” Red Heart Super Saver will make a lot of pretty, if not always soft, things, especially if you want to make something for a kid. It also comes in many, many colors and is easy to match. A lot of people loathe it and say it feels like plastic, which it and all acrylic yarns are, after all.
Caron Simply Soft is a lighter, softer, shinier yarn in the same price range, but not quite as durable.
Vanna’s Choice, if you can find it, is another inexpensive acrylic that is soft and comes in a good range of colors.

A lot of people who use wool make things with Cascade 220 superwash. It’s easy to find at big box stores like Michael’s or Joann’s. If you buy a lot of it for a project, make SURE the skeins are all superwash because the feltable kind looks and feels the same and comes in the same colors–you have to check the label.

Thank you, Becky. I agree that Red Heart does last forever, but the quality has changed. Years ago, it was better. I wasn’t impressed wtih Vanna’s Choice. I thought it looked and felt a little thin and did not hold up well. I will try the Cascade 220 superwash.