Economical yarn for an afghan?

I want to make it my mission this winter to knit an afghan. I want it to be nice and soft and cozy and all the rest, but I just cannot afford the best yarn, mostly because afghans use SO MUCH.

So I’m looking for any recommendations of yarns that I can buy for cheap but that are still something you’d want to wrap yourself up in! I don’t even mind acrylic, as long as it’s a ‘nice’ acrylic.

Hrmmm… :thinking:

Caron Simply Soft - made Kyoto w/ it
Lionbrand Pound of Love - I’ve made 3 afghans w/ this. I would recommend using needle size 10 or 10.5. Size 9 or 8 may be okay, but I made one of the afghans w/ size 6 and it was no where near as soft as the other 2 afghans made w/ 10 and 10.5.
Bernat Softee - never worked w/ it myself. but it feels good on the shelf.

PS: It’s nice to know I’m not the only one the “economical yarn” department. :thumbsup:

What’s Kyoto?

Plymouth Encore is my vote. Also, the Sorrento arylics at are quite good. Cheeeeeap, too. I used the Simply Soft for part of the frog sweater, and didn’t really like it. Just my opinion, though.

What about Crayon from Knitpicks? Its cotton, but its not your regular dishcloth-type stuff…its really soft (I just got the color card today!) and nice and textural…alot like Lion Brand Homespun, actually…And, its machine washable and as always with KP, CHEAP!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Knitpicks :heart: :heart: :heart: but I am so unbelievably sad that these very cheap prices become not so cheap when you figure in shipping and exchange to Canada :verysad: Believe me, I would be doing Kelly-style Knitpick binges if Canadian money were taken at par :roflhard: .

Anyone used Bernat Satin???

(oh yeah, forgot to mention that I would LOVE to do the retro throw pattern from knitpicks, I think that one was designed to be made with Crayon yarn)

OH, CRUD…I keep forgetting that not everyone here is in the US. :rollseyes: …etc

Here’s few Canadian on-line stores.

Ingrid, thank you so much!! You’re so sweet! :cheering:

Some sites there that actually show prices (and shipping!) in Canadian $$$$. gasp :shock: That is VERY hard to come by.

Again, thanks, I really appreciate it!

You’re so welcome. I know there are some that I get emails from that have both a Canadian and US site. I’ll bookmark them to share. It seems silly to have to pay international postage when there are some closer to home.

My sister kives the afghan that I did for her for Christmas last year and I’m told that they fight over who gets to use it…I used Lionbrand Woolease, it’s soft & washable!! My MIL LOVES the one that I did for her in Lionbrand Homespun…very, very soft!
gosh…KK is right, were is not for the fact that you weren’t here…‘Crayon’ is VERY SOFT…which is why I used it for my granddaughter’s ensemble.
I also have been getting emails from lionbrand that they have new yarns…worth checking out. As well as bernat, I can’t think of the name of it…but it’s washable and very, very soft.

OMG I felt that new yarn the other day at Joanns! Its like a baby terry or something…DIVINE!!! :inlove:

NO - It wasn’t Bernat…its was a Patons yarn…“Be Mine” was the name of it…100% nylon. Machine wash & dry.

Machine wash & dry is a plus on an afghan…all of mine have been such, except for one that I did for a wedding gift.
Haven’t ya’ll noticed that the more ‘main-stream’ yarns that are in Michael’s, Joanns, even WalMart…are coming out with cool new yarns; not like some of them used to be, … just kind of yucky.

Another nice site with a Canadian option--

Um, I don’t have a yarn recommendation, but I do love, and I believe they’re in Canada.

You people are great!!! :cheering:

I think I am going to try Bernat Satin yarn for the afghan. That way I will be able to make it for less than $50, and according to some online reviews I have read, it is very soft and silky, especially for a 100% acrylic yarn. It will be 100% washable too which I like.

Must finish current projects first though…

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It’s a sweater from Knitty.

I’ve started off on the afghan with Bernat Satin. It is 100% acrylic but so soft. And so far, reeeeeally nice to work with. Much smoother and slippery on the needles than other acrylics I’ve used.