Eco-friendly RED-HEART?!?!?!

I saw this on blog and thought y’all might be interested:

It appears that Coats and Clark, the manufacturer’s of Red Heart are making two lines of yarn from recycled products, one from textile remnants and and a polyester from recycled plastic.

Anyone seen or tried this yet?

Nope, hadn’t seen that. Will have to keep an eye out to see when it hits the shelves and what it feels like.

Supposedly there’s an Carib SS Eco yarn too, but it’s not on their website. Someone said they saw it at WM, but I wonder if it’s the RH yarn, not caron.

But does it feel like insulation? Or can they make it soft like Caron?:think:

Nice! Thanks for alerting us! :thumbsup:

I’ll definitely give it a try when it hits the shelves!
I am on the lookout for a durable cotton, not too pricey, that
will make up into dishcloths that don’t fade and distort out of shape with repeated washings.

This ECO cotton is 70% cotton, 30% poly. So maybe the poly will stabilize this yarn. Help it hold its shape and color.

We’ll see! I’ll buy a skein and try it out!

Oh I missed that the cotton is a blend. Maybe it will be something like Lion’s Cottonease.

That’s great! I too will be looking to try it out. Always fun to try new yarns. Thanks for letting us all know.