Eco Baby Yarn by Debbie Bliss? Other suggestions for light yarn?

Can anyone tell me about Eco Baby Yarn by Debbie Bliss? I found one post here by a new knitter that implied that it comes apart which would drive me nuts. I’m also wondering how soft it is and how light it is.

I’m looking for a very light non animal and probably non synthetic or only partially synthetic yarn, with variegated color for a hot weather baby sleep sack (straps only) as my dear daughter is already qvetching that it’s too hot in San Diego for anything knit. (I also know that no matter what I tell them, it’s going in the washing machine, but if I provide a delicates pouch they probably will put it in a delicates cycle… sigh…)

This website is like totally awesome dudette! :roflhard:


PS, I hope I am not posting too many questions!

On Ravelry not only can you do advanced searches on patterns you can even search for yarns. This is the page for Eco Baby Yarn by Debbie Bliss. I’m guiding you there as you will see as you scroll down pictures of many colors of this yarn. Next to those pictures you will see a number in front of the words ‘stashed’ and ‘projects’. If you click on the projects it will show you many items made from that yarn and that specific color. If you click the individual project some will have notes and give you more information of their thoughts on that yarn.

As to a good substitute a bamboo might me nice, it does split. However for yarns that split easily if you used needles that have more of a rounded point than a sharp point I find they don’t split as easily. Unfortunately for me I prefer the stiletto type needles as many prefer for lace. So I have to remind myself to switch needles.

Yes thanks, I did find that. This forum and Ravelry are my two go-tos. I just hate buying yarn that I haven’t seen and touched, or at least I can speak with someone who has seen and touched it lol.

I actually found a nice bright multicolor cotton at a Michaels in Petaluma yesterday, which is a good thing as I splurged on two skeins of this EXPENSIVE yarn to make a baby sack! :woot:

I like bamboo a lot but haven’t found anything so wonderful that it’s worth the cost.

It is amazing to me how very different the yarn stock is from one Michaels to another – I’m now stopping at them whenever I’m in a new city. I wonder what they will have in NoVA? I will NEVER finish up all this yarn. I really need to do a bootie yarn exchange!