Easy teen sweater pattern

Hi! I am mad because I can’t find any sweater patterns that will fit me! I am not huge, so that’s not the problem. All the patterns I can find are adult patterns or baby/toddler/little kid patterns. AUGH!! I really want to knit a sweater and am ready to, but I can’t find a (input nasty word here —>____________________) pattern! Pleeeeze help! :muah: TIA!

It would help if you’d give us more info than “teen” sweater. Do you want a cardigan? A pullover? Shrug or regular length? …etc…

pullover preferably and reg length

Have you tried knittingpatterncentral.com? I think they actually have a pattern called “Easy Teen Sweater”. If I remember it’s from about a girl’s size 8 through 18 or 20, so surely your size should fall in there somewhere.

Here’s some popular site’s with LOTS of patterns
& Links here with pic’s for easier searching

thank you all!

I am in the same situation!! I can’t find any that are plain and simple and easy. The ones I do find have butterflies and ballerinas on them, not exactly my thing.

i am too old and WAY too large for butterflies and ballerinas little kid sweaters. i can knit sweaters, but i want to knit one that will fit me.

www.zephyrstyle.com has some lovely “young” designs. They are knit in the round, which I particularly like. And they are downloadable, which, for me, is fantastic. I’ve knit Green Gables and Tree of Life. They look just like they are supposed to!


what is the difference between a teen sweater and a small size regular sweater?
i only 22 and fairly petit (5’1" UK size 8-10) and find a lot of sweaters/tops tanks etc are lovely and would (if i ever have to guts to knit them) fit me well. i like www.knitty.com particularly.

It would probably help if you gave some more specs. Starting with size. Age is not a good indicator of size. Lace pattern, cables…

The first sweater I made was Tubey from Knitty. I think a top down raglan is also a good first sweater. No seaming and you can try it on as you go along.


You’re a 12 yr old gymnast…how large could you be? All the gymnasts I’ve seen were very tiny.

True, one of my DIL’s is a gymnast and at 22, she’s still only 5’ tall and weighs about 90 lbs.

Are you really who you say you are KG?

what do you mean suzeeq? when i say “large”, i mean like the sweater patterns are like toddler size. i am not a toddler suzeeq

If you reread bookkids post you’ll see that she didn’t say you should knit ballerina and butterfly sweaters, she was agreeing with you and said she had some that like that that were too young for her. :hug:

If you are, you’re very talented with your typing skills! :mrgreen:

I’ve seen several ballerina type sweaters and one called butterfly that are for adult sizes, btw.