Easy Sweaters!

may someone please help me with this huge problem. i need a sweater pattern that is not so confusing. and i also would like a tank top one. please help! all the ones i find are a little bit on the complicated side. much appreciated. :smiley:

These patterns


are the easiest ones Iā€™ve seen. All it is, you knit the front, the back and sew the shoulder seams then pick up stiches for arms and knit down then sew seams up the arms and down the sides Voila! And they are very chaep. I have a couple of them myself so you can ask me any time for help. Good luck! :XX:


This pattern generator makes a raglan sweater that is knit top-down on circular needles (no seaming!) so you can try it on as you go along. All you have to do is to make a swatch to figure out your gauge, and then plug a few numbers into the program (gauge and chest measurement). It will calculate how many stitches you have to cast on, and pretty much tell you exactly what to do. Because you will be knitting circularly, you can use all knit stitches to get stockinette stitch for majority of the sweater. The only purling will be in the borders, where 2X2 ribbing is used. If you get stuck on how to do a technique, come back to KH for guidance. Amy has great instructions on increasing, picking up stitches, etc.