Easy sweater pattern (on 2 straight needles)?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find an easy (beginner) sweater pattern? I like knitting on 2 straight needles, circular or double pointed needles are just mysteries to me. Thanks!!!

You could look at the Lionbrand website. The free patterns there are listed with a skill level rating from beginner through to experienced. Most seem to be on two needles.

Doesn’t get much easier than this:


I dont think you should be intimidated by circular needles. Personaly I think its easier to knit in the round than messing around with seaming. But you should do what ever works best for you \m/_ _\m/

Yep, my thoughts exactly.

I would like to thank everyone for their imput, as soon as I finish my first sweater attempt, I’ll post it :wink:

Chiming in to say I agree on use of circs. When given the choice, I’ll take them any time. (But then I also work sweaters pieces simultaneously on them even when seaming has to ultimately be done.) Meloxi, you can oft times convert flat pieces that would normally require seaming to circs…and elim the side seams.


[COLOR=red]Here[/COLOR] is a REALLY cute one I found just this morning.

http://easystraightknittingneedlepatterns.blogspot.com/ this site has many great straight needle patterns:knitting: