Easy Knitting for babies

As a new mother, I like to knit my son something, but I’m not a very experianced knitter. I’ve made tons of scarves, and a few squares of matterial, just basic squares. Other than baby blankets is there anything else that easy and fairly quick to knit for babies?

It’s fun knitting for babies and it’s a good way to learn new techniques. You didn’t say how old your son is, but… here’s a few pretty easy patterns.


Hats knit on two needles

Booties knit on two needles

Can you knit in the round?

Thank you so much for the links, my son is 3 months old, and I’ve never tryed knitting in the round.

Try the Easy Baby Cardigan, a top down cardi and very easy, and suitable for a boy or a girl. No seaming required. I recently finished this one and it was a pleasure to knit.

There’s a hooded and a collared version. Whilst I love hoodies, I prefer the collared sweater in this pattern.

That sweater is beautiful, what yarn did you use for it?

you might wanna try these too.

Thanks prettylittlelie. Its actually a discontinued yarn called Jarol Inca.

I noticed the Lion Brand One-Stitch Baby Sweater calls for LIon Brand Cotton-Ease. Is that a nice yarn? Cotton seems so un-stretchy and heavy. Could an acrylic be substituted?

Cotton Ease is a blend of acrylic and cotton. It is much more stretchy and lightweight than 100% cotton. I really like it for baby items. It holds up beautifully when washed and is nice and soft.