Easy Knit Mittens! Dont understand some of the terms

Hi Girlies!!

Im going to give you this section by section. I dont understand the some of the terms. Please Break it down for me. I will have my questions in parentheses:

here we go.

With #4, cast on 32 sts. Join. Work in the round in k1,p1 ribbing for 3". (what is join?)(what is work in the round?)
Next round…Using #6 needles…k 8, make 1 st repeating around: 36 sts. ( ok i knit 8 then make 1 stitch???) (How did i get ot 36 stitches?)
Next round: k1, place marker, k around.

I am a smart girl…and i can make beutiful hats. Maybe its how she is talking??

I will submit the rest when i come back. Thanks

Please email me at katreise.ruffin@dayzim.com if you can.

I emailed you. You should check out the videos on this site for knitting in the round.