Easy Knit Ballet Shoes

Ok I made this pattern especially for my friend but I am willing to share it with you.
First you start with 2 knitted squares (size depends opon the persons feet) then you sew them up on the size and about half way through, not all the way like a sock but it should make a “v” like a ballet slipper. Then you sew up the heel and a little bit so it stays on the foot. Flip them inside out and you’ll have the body for the ballet slippers. Then you knit about a 6-8 stitch width strand big enough to cross in front of the leg to the back then in front to tie a bow. You knit 4 of these then sew then to the sides of the slipper, i recommend to sew them half way past the ankel to give the full effect of the real slipper. When you are finished put them on like real ballet shoes and they are cute, easy, and for around the house.
I dont have picture since I made one pair and have them to my friend on her dance recital. It is a perfect gift for any dancer that you could think. I’m trying to knit tap shoe looking ones but thats going to be a while. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

Thanks for sharing your pattern…how cute! I bet your friend loved them!!

:slight_smile: she was the envy of the dressing room and if anyone here has young kids or grandkids or anyone knows anyone older its good for all ages. My friend is 18 and its just a very simple project.
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart: