Easy How to X2 over 2 stitches

I am trying to knit a sweater for my dog. And it has instructions to X2 over 2 stitches and no matter how many times I watch YOUTUBE still don’t understand it. Does anyone have any easy directions?

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I guess you’ll have to help me. I don’t know what X2 means. Is it 2x2 rib? Which videos have you watched?

Its called Left Cross Stitch and Right Cross Stitch I have looked up it on YOUTUBE but still confused. It a cable dog sweater. And in the pattern it has these 2 stitches.

Ok, yes, those sts can be confusing. Basically the idea is to cross the sts so that you knit them out of order. The most efficient way is to learn these twisted sts but if you find that difficult, you could use a cable needle to hold the first stitch while you knit the second stitch. Then you knit stitch one off the cable needle.

See if Eunny Jang’s method helps at all.

Thank you for that video and I will watch it a few more times and I think finally master it. Your the Best.