Easy hat pattern 4 plymouth baby alpaca grande?

Hey! I’m taking a trip this Christmas and, having already knit myself a luxurious scarf out of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, want to make a hat to match (Chicago winters are cold!). I’ve got a matching skein of yarn but, as a novice knitter, am hesitant to risk it on hat patterns designed for worsted weight! Also, watchcaps and the like look really bad on me – I’m hoping to make one of those winter caps that is roomy as well as warm, meaning something with a generous brim that doesn’t totally outline the shape of my skull (and flatten my hair in the process :shrug: ).

Can anyone point me to a good pattern (preferably using circulars rather than DPNS) that would help me make the perfect hat for my scrumptious scarf?

Much obliged!


Have you checked out KPC yet? I’m not sure how many of the hats listed would meet all of your requirements, but it wouldn’t hurt to look if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I’ve looked, but most of them seem to be for worsted weight. I wonder if there is some technqiue for conversion (in terms of # of cast-on stitches etc.)?

Yes there is! There’s a conversion calculator right here. It doesn’t adjust for stuff like stitch pattern repeats, so you’ll want to make sure your cast on number is divisible by your stitch pattern multiple (if any) and by any other important numbers that come later in the pattern (e.g., if you have to do 8 evenly spaced decreases, it would probably be a good idea to make the cast on number divisible by 8 as well). Other helpful calculators from the same site are located here.

I have used the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for several hats. I like the book Hip Knit Hats. They have pics and patterns for hats in bulky and worsted weights and show pics of both versions.

Some hats I just make up as a go along and some I used patterns. I actually just tossed a new skein into my bag this morning to make the Ganomy Hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann… as soon as I figure out how to make it kid sized. I made Sugar on Snow (Knitty.com) with this also. I have been using size 9 needles with it to make a nice warm fabric.

This might be my favorite yarn.