Easy gift bag crochet pattern

I know that this is a crochet question and I hope someone can help me.

My question is: it states to make 2 bottom panels and then to join them together and single crochet them together. Does this mean to place one on top of the other and the single crochet them together? And the follow row 1?

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It sounds like the two panels are are joined one on top of the other but you may be able to tell for sure once you see the size of a single panel.
@OffJumpsJack what do you think?

Thank you I will try to join the two panels and see if that works.

Yes, that is correct.

Here is the narrative portion of the pattern that describes the process.

  • “The bag is made from the bottom-up, meaning you will make the bottom part of the bag in rows first then attach your yarn and continue in rounds until you reach the desired height.”

  • “To give the bottom of the bag strength, you will be joining two separate panels before continuing on in rounds.”

Thank you