Easy first time socks, maybe straight needles

I have trawled the Internet for an easy first time sock pattern that is actually easy!
They all say easy but the patterns are so confusing!
I found a lovely pattern knit flat with a link to a video but it was in Turkish grrrr.
I don’t like using dpns but can use magic loop.
I can increase and decrease and understand German short rows ( I knit flat circles for coasters).
But still having difficulty finding a pattern that is easy to understand. My 17 year old son would love me to make him a pair of socks but appreciates they’re not easy, so I really want to surprise him at Christmas. Can anyone recommend anything?

Silver’s Sock Class (Kristen Belle) is a good place to start.

Liat Gat is a wonderful teacher with video help.

Maybe some of the real sock knitters can offer their favorites?


If you knit a pair of socks with Fleegle heel you only need increases and decreases, nothing else. There are plenty of patterns based on the Fleegle heel and also youtube videos for it.

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Thank you both, ill have a look at those.


This is a great book. I have knitted several of the patterns. They look great when finished.

This is my go-to sock pattern. It’s top down. This is super simple with an easy heel, just slipping stitches and knitting back and forth. It’s done on 4.5 (#7) needles or you can use 5mm (#8) needles. Cast on is 36 stitches but I have fat feet so I do 40 sts. These are simple two needle socks but can also be done in the round. I think her number of rows is off on the foot part. After the sock heel turn, you knit the body of the sock from the heel to 1 inch shorter than your foot length. Step in a piece of paper, trace around your foot, and measure the length. I like to use the Twisted German cast on for a stretchy cuff. I learned it from the KH help videos here. Good luck!

  • Note: Ruby’s heel turn is really easy. But I don’t like the holes. I do mine a little differently. Working on half the stitches (18), I knit across the row until I have 6 stitches left. Turn. Slip 1 purl wise. Purl across the row until you have 6 stitches left. Turn. Slip 1 purl wise. Knit across the row until you have 5 stitches left, turn. Purl until you have 5 stitches left. Turn. Continue in this manner until you have used up all the stitches. When you continue knitting in the round, you will need to pick up 1 stitch in the corner and knit it together with the stitch next to it to keep from getting a hole. Not the best heel turn but it works. https://youtu.be/Z72LfwSDWlM

I’m finding myself expanding my skills. I used to hate double pointed needles. Now I can do them without the runs. I also enjoy knitting with uncomplicated straight needles. I’m learning how to do invisible seaming with the Mattress stitch and the Bickford seam. The Ruby Stedman sock video is simple beginner stuff. Maybe it’s not sophisticated. But it’s great for whipping out a fast pair of slippers or for an easy Christmas present, especially if you are retired on a budget. The yarn is Supersaver or similar yarns. I like relaxing with the straights so much that I splurged and bought myself a set recently. Knitter’s Pride Zing color coded needles.

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