Easy Child's Garter Stitch Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater

Good day everyone,

Thank you all for your support. Please, I need your help with this pattern. I am working on the body and the pattern says work back and front separately (In the next row, bind off 2 sts in the middle of the row and continue to work back and front separately), can someone explain this to me, please. Do I continue on the same knitting needle or separate needle?


You’re doing well. This part of the pattern is creating the opening for the neck. The back and front will be separated here but you can knit them on the same needle. You will need to use 2 balls of yarn however.

Knit to the center sts, bind off 2 center sts, then knit to the other half of the sts. When you get to the gap at the bound off sts on the next row, attach a new strand of yarn and knit to the end of the row. Keep working back and forth on these sts, each side with its own yarn source.

Thank you for your support. All shaping up so far.

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