Easy but cool beginner crochet pattern?

Mmk so I’ve finally forgone my knitting pride and decided to learn crochet as well. But now, I’m trying to find a pattern to do so. I can’t just sit there and learn the basic stitches one by one before I try any patterns. Easiest way for me to learn is to find a pattern that has stuff in it and look it up as I go along.

But I’m having trouble finding a cool but relatively simple beginner’s pattern. Easiest stuff I’m finding is like doilies and potholders and stuff. And, no offense, but doilies just don’t intrigue me very much :shifty: lol

I’ve tried Crochet Pattern Central, but there’s just soooooooooooo much to choose from, it’s rediculous! i don’t know where to start!

Thanks, all! :slight_smile:

You might try looking at some of the amigurumi patterns on crochet pattern central. They are small crocheted toys, usually done in the round (no turning rows), in single crochet. You’d most likely need to know single crochet, and how to increase and decrease for your basic pattern. Also, when starting out with crocheting in the round, I really like to use this method for crocheting the beginning ring.

I like amigurumi style patterns because they are small and quick to make. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Lionbrand.com has a lot of free patterns. You have to register (free) it’s just a matter of a user name and password. Also Bernat (same thing with registration). Good luck with the crocheting!!

coasters are easy and small, but give you the basic stitches and make it easy to identify the height of each stitch as well. Look here http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/coasters.php for lots of different coaster patterns.

Alternatively, you can always fall back on the “making a scarf” thing. My first ever knit project was a scarf… and for crochet they are just the same. Simple and fast.

edited to add: I also highly recommend checking out the Stitch N’ Bitch Crochet book for some great visual tutorials and beginner projects.

Curse you Mariblue:tap: :tap: . I checked out the link to the amigurumi patterns and I have already made two Elephants and one Octopus and started a second Octopus. My kids love them. They are so easy to do these patterns. I made all three things this weekend while watching the idiot box. I can’t wait to try out more of them.

I totally agree hats scarves socks potholders all great to start with

here is something you may like too:

:teehee: Ha! My kids love them too. :thumbsup:

Here are a couple of my finished ones I made them all since saturday.

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I used the [U][B]ripple scarf pattern here[/B][/U] to make scarves for my wife and both my daughters. They loved them!

There are several other free paterns at the above woolcrafting.com site.

For a man in your life, you may want to try this [B][U]Tam and scarf set.[/U][/B]

Should you need crochet videos you can find some [U][B]here[/B][/U].

Have fun.


How about a half-granny triangle shawl? All you have to do is start a half-granny square:
Ch about 4, join in a ring, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in the ring, then turn;
on the next row, ch 3, 2 dc in the first dc, skip the next 2 dc, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in the corner ch-2 space, skip 2 dc, 3 dc in last dc;
next row: ch 3, 2 dc in first dc, skip 2 dc, 3 dc in space between first and second “clumps” of dc, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in ch-2 space…you get the idea. Keep going, varying colors or kinds of yarn or whatever, until it’s as big as you like it. If you’d rather work it in sold dc so it doesn’t have holes, or throw in some pattern as you learn it, why not? As long as you have the right number of stitches on the rows, or as long as you can get away with it, you can make a sampler shawl.