Easy beginner afghan

Does anyone have a super easy pattern to knit an afghan. I see some online but wd like input here from the pros. This will be my first afghan ( first one was a bomb so I unraveled it) please be easy on me. Thx!

I’d love to help you look, but can you give me some idea of what you want to do? I know you said super easy, but what weight yarn do you want to use? Are you planning on using circular needles so you can do the whole thing at once or do you want to do panels you have to sew together? Are you comfortable with both knitting and purling? Cables?

Just a simple pattern. I can use circulars but I always get confused on when to turn knitting around ( when I’m done knitting the last stitch in a row) none of the fancy stitches yet. Knit and purl for now. I have US 19 15 mm circular and I have Bernat blanket 10.5 oz

Okay, so you need a pattern for a US 19" needle…how long is the cable? For a full size afghan you need a pretty long one especially if you’re using bulky or super bulky yarn. I’d say a 50-60". Is the yarn bulky or super bulky? The reason for all these questions is I want to find a pattern that utilizes what you have since that’s what you want. If I search for patterns for worsted and you have have super bulky and large needles the size and fabric just wouldn’t work as well or maybe at all.

So assuming your yarn is super bulky and needles US 19 -


Ty. I just started a basic on circular needles with 50 stitches. But I’m wondering how do I add more stitches to what I already have? It may not be as big as I want.

Unless you want to add a border to the edge when it’s done the only way to make it bigger is to rip it back and start over. Are you planning on doing more than garter stitch?

I do have a border. First and last two stitches are garter stitch. Rest is in stockinette. I wd say I have about e0 rows done. I wd have to unravel the whole thing?

You can always do squares and then sew them all together at the end, then you can practice different stitches on the different squares :slight_smile:

Yeah. I guess I cd but how wd I make the squares so they are even with the rest of the blanket?

I’m not sure what you mean by e0 rows done…? Assuming that’s a typo or autocorrect. :slight_smile:

It will be tricky to get the correct sizing of squares to add to the blanket when it’s done. I guess you could count stitches up the side and divide by the number of squares you want to add then make them though. Or you can pick up stitches around the outside or along one side at a time and add stitches.

The biggest risk of adding anything after is the amount of yarn you have. If you run out in thee middle of the squares or the edging then you’d be back to square one. If you add a border/squares in a contrasting color then you’d probably be fine though. It all depends on how much yarn you have when you reach that point.

I don’t remember typing that. Sorry. I’ll figure something out. It’s just a ‘what if’ the blanket isn’t big enough. We shall see. Ty!

Ha…no problem! It was probably an autocorrect or typo. Happens to me ALL THE TIME! :joy:

Okay if you need more help let us know! Can’t wait to see it!