Easy basic cardigan for plus-sized woman--pattern?

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

It’s time for me to learn to knit something more fitted than a scarf, hat, or afghan.

I’ve read the messages about the various books and internet sites with plus-size patterns, and hope someone here can steer me toward some specific patterns for the “ample” woman (me). I have knit lots of kinds of textures, but nothing including picking up stitches, button holes, various kinds of increases and decreases–yet!

Can you recommend a pattern for a cardigan sweater or vest, knit in worsted weight (or maybe DK)? Something that is intended for the curvy figure, but not frilly or lacey please.

Thanks so much to all of you super people! :notworthy:


i do have a pattern that looks quite aesy (i haven’t had a chance to actually read it through poroperly yet, even though i bought the pattern 4 months ago :shrug: ). its a bought one, if you want it i’m happy to send it to you. its a basic one though.

i haven’t got the url for it otherwise i’d send it to you sorry

there are a few about online though that are free (my mums pluss size and i often knit her things, also for myself that’s ‘comfortable’ iykwim)


Go to ampleknitters.com and check out the Gallery. There’s plenty of pictures of larger sized sweaters in there, you can search for the patterns at google. I believe there may be a few patterns on the site as well, or links.