Easy Baby Jacket Pattern

I am new to knitting so far I have made 2 hats and one scarf. I am ready for something a little more challenging but on a smaller scale. I wanted to make a easy baby jacket for my co-worker’s grandson. I am not that familiar with reading patterns for sweaters if any one can help me find a website that can help me understand the pattern instructions.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

these two are very easy & rated for beginners.
Basically just rectangles, no shaping, sewn together
also that site has good instuctions section.

this not a baby sweater but will take you through a knitted sweater. Just click on the TABS at the top of page to take you through knitting a sweater. Then you can find a pattern you like.Good luck:cheering:


All these are basically seamless…

This one is very easy.
Here’s a basic tutorial on making a raglan, too.

Another easy one.

Thanks everyone for your help. :woot: