Easy Baby cardigan Susan mills

The pattern stitch is as follows:
Knit to 1 stitch before marker m1r knit one slip
Marker knit one and m1l (increase row)8 sts inc
Sleeve inc row work inc as for the increase row on sleeves only 4 sts inc
I co 56 and had to separate the stitches p8 pm, p10 pm, p20 pm, p10 pm, p8

i had to shape yolk with the increase row(directions above) 8x
Which left me with 120 stitches after doing this and on the wrong side I had to work even.
My next set of directions state: [1 increase row, 1 even row, 1 sleeve increase row, 1 even row]-4x
Which markers do I do the sleeve increase only (4 sts inc)?completed 4x will give me 12 sts inc every 4th row I believe. Which will leave me 168 sts I need.
Thank you

Yes, that all sounds right, leaving you with 168sts
Front, m1 sleeve m2, back, m3 sleeve m4, front. The sleeve increases are on the sleeve side of markers 1 and 2, also on the sleeve side of markers 3 and 4:
Front, m1 inc sleeve inc m2, back, m3 inc sleeve inc m4, front.

Thank you for your assistance i will try that😀