Easy Adult Poncho

I have size 8 and 10 needles (not circular) and would prefer not to buy new needles at this time. I have not knitted in awhile but want to get back into it with an easy adult poncho project. Does anyone have any ideas for me using either size needles?


There are a lot of poncho patterns where you knit a rectangle (flat) and then sew one short edge to part of the long edge to make a poncho. You can also sew part of each long edge together and get an aymmetric poncho.

Here’s one of many from Ravelry (free to join). If you do a simple pattern search for “adult poncho bulky” lots of pages come up. Good luck finding one you like!

Do you have a specific pattern you can recommend?
I don’t have circular needles, I have regular ones. Can anyone recommend a pattern to use with regular needles?


This should give you some ideas.