Easter Egg Dyed Yarn

Tonight I decided to experiment with easter egg dye on my yarns. I had read that you could use them just like kool-aid for wool or other natural fibers.

I used a green tablet, and got this beautiful result!

VERY pretty! And so much more useful than hard-boiled eggs, too. :wink:

Next, I decided to try to make a rose color by using a pink tablet, along with some Soaring Strawberry Lemonade Koolaid. Looks good to me!

That is so cool! Thoes colors look so rich. :smiley:

Thanks! I am so proud. This is the best dyeing experiment I’ve ever done. Those colors just GLOW! I’m gonna be sure to stock up on Easter Egg Dye after the season is over this year. Maybe I’ll get some at 75% off!