I want to knit a raglan sweater and have an app to help me make the pattern. One of the fill in the blank spots says easement, and I don’t know what that means so I can’t put in the info, could someone explain please?

It’s how much ‘ease’ or extra room the sweater has. A baggy sweater will have more ease and a slim-fitting sweater will have negative ease if it has to stretch to fit you.

Ease is how loosely or tightly a sweater fits. The same size as the bust or chest measurement is zero ease, a little smaller is negative ease, larger is positive ease. Most women’s sweaters fit well if they’re from 2" negative ease to 2" of positive, though a cardigan may have 4" or more to fit over other clothes. Men seem to like them a little looser, usually they’re worn over another shirt anyway so 3 -4" positive ease is good. For kids you’d want at least 2-3", and a little more is okay because they’ll grow.

You probably enter your measurements into the app. Easement or ease is how much larger (or smaller) than those measurements you would like the finished sweater to be. You could measure a sweater that you already have and that you like, preferably a raglan too) to get an idea of how much ease you would like in this new pattern.

Thanks that makes a lot more sense :slight_smile: