Hi, I am making a hooded baby blanket. (2 actually- 1 will be a duck and I’ve decided to make the other one an elephant) Anyway, does anybody have ideas about how I can knit the elephant’s ears? I am using a basic dishcloth pattern and sewing on the extra parts. (trunk and ears - beak for the duck)

I think you can pick up sts to make the ears (I’ll do anything to avoid sewing or seaming). Whether you pick up sts or make the separate pieces, I would draw the shapes and the knit with increases and decreases to approximate the ears and trunk. Take a look at these hat patterns for ideas on shapes and attachment (even though one is for a monkey).


You figure out how wide and how tall you want the ears. Cast on the number of stitches you want for the base of it. Knit about half the height and begin decreases on both sides to round it. I sew these on. Stockinette or reverse stockinette are ideal because they curl inward like real ears. I do ears like this for mouse toys for cats, but the decreases are only on one side for pointy ears.