Earflap hat

Make earflaps, first, which I understand. Break yarn, leaving a 45" tail. Make second earflap, break yarn leaving a 30" tail.

Here’s where I get confused.
Joining round:
knit in ends of tails for a clean finish.
Using circ. needle and a new strand of yarn, knit 9 sts of the first earflap( does this mean to pick up and knit?); with the tail of yarn from the earflap held in front, and the working yarn held in back, using long tail cast on method, cast on 9 sts for back of cap (wasn’t I supposed to weave in the tail?)

I’ve never made an earflap cap, so just overall confused at to what to do after I make the earflaps.

What pattern are you using?

I’ve made quite a few of these (using a couple of patterns: one for kids using http://heyjulie.wordpress.com/2006/06/27/basic-earflap-hat/
and another for adults using a pattern available from Bluegirl Knits.

I don’t understand why your pattern tells you to leave such long tails on your earflaps…

Does your pattern instruct you to set the earflaps aside, and take your circular needle to begin cable cast-ons? See if you can look up the heyjulie pattern. She has some clear instructions that might give you the help you need.

You don’t have to ‘pick up’ the 9 sts of the earflap, they should be on a holder, so just knit them. You only need to weave in tails when you’re done; this one is talking about the tail from your last row, not the CO tail. It wants you to use the tail as the thumb yarn for a LT cast on, but you can use a cable cast on with the working yarn instead.

I agree with Sue, I would forget leaving the long tails it tells you to. When you finish each flap don’t cast off, but leave the stitches on a holder or spare needle. Then when you join, knit across the stitches of one flap, then put that flap in your left hand and use the first stitch there to begin a cast on with the working yarn using either a knit on cast on, or a cable cast on (like Sue I prefer cable), after you cast on however many it tells you to, put the end of the needle with the stitches back in your right hand and then knit across the other flap (make sure the flaps are both pointing in the right direction as you join them), then put the needle end back in your left hand and cast on the rest it tells you to. Put the needle end back in your right hand and work in rounds for the rest of the hat.

There is a video about the cable and knit cast ons in the videos section at the top down menu above.