Ear Infection remedies

I’m dealing with an ear infection, which isn’t really bad, except that my right ear feels like it’s full of cotton, and hurts a little. I had a fever a few days ago, but that broke already. So I’m wondering if anybody has a suggestion or three for home-remedies for ear infections. This is primarily due to the facts that i’m stubborn, don’t like hospitals, and don’t have insurance. Though I know some Amoxicilin will clear it up straightaway. Would appreciate the suggestions.

I’ve heard that a few drops of hydrogen peroxide might help. Can’t hurt…

While I don’t get ear infections so much, I do get drainage in my ears from my allergies. Even when I’m sick. And I find that using Benedryl helps open the passages and helps the ear to drain. Helps ya sleep too! :slight_smile: HTH and hope you feel better soon!

well when i feel swimmer’s ear (the only ear infection i ever get) coming on, i usually put a smidge of rubbing alcohol in my ears. Dries up the liquid in there pretty quickly and clears it right up for me.
That being said, when I got it the first time I tried to tough it out and ended up having to take a miriad of drugs to clear it up… Just sayin’…

Well after reading this, and discussing it with my DW, I will probably take a trip to the hospital tomorrow, as I’m going on four days of this now.

Keep us posted how things go! Hope you feel better soon.

If you don’t have insurance, don’t go to the hospital. The bill will be ENORMOUS.

Go to a walk-in urgent care center. The bill will be much smaller, maybe a couple hundred bux. They’ll give you a prescription for antibiotics. And that’ll clear you right up.

Get well soon! :hug:

Oh heck yeah, don’t go to the hospital unless it’s the only place around. Like Silver said hit a walkin clinic or urgent care place or dial the neighborhood doctor.
As for the ear infection, it sounds more like your eustachian tubes are plugged which can lead to infection if it hasn’t already. You need to help loosen the mucous that’s in there by drinking alot of fluids (warm ones help) and taking a decongestant and trying to yawn to clear the tubes. It will take a few days for it to go away, but you’ll hear a pop and then everyone will sound like they are yelling at you because you’ll have your hearing back in that ear. It’s a real pain to have an ear infection, I’ve had them on and off for 40 years. Hope you feel better soon.

I am disabled. It’s been five years now, three of which I was not allowed to work through. My disability is called A-Typical Menieres Disease. It is when the fluid in the ear builds up and then the ear channel gets so big it gets a wee hole in it or a tear and the inner ear fluid mixes with the outter ear fluid causing vertigo, dropsie attacks and vomitting, with no warning or notice whatsoever. It happens A LOT. My advice to you is DON’T MESS WITH YOUR EARS. Go to the walk in clinic and have a doctor take a look. My life has been drastically affected by one darned ear (now deaf in it) and the other ear is starting to go too! I would not want to see anyone else suffer ear problems like I am doing. Best of luck and I sure hope you feel better soon!!! Also: NEVER PUT ANYTHING SMALLER THAN YOUR ELBOW IN YOUR EAR!

When I have issues with my sinus I get an ear infecton…the neti pot works on clearing this up for me and so does extra strength Tylenol Sinus…
I would also say urgent care over the hospital and hope you feel better soon…:hug:

[COLOR=red]Soapbox alert, soapbox alert!!![/COLOR]
You really need to get some sort of insurance. I know it’s expensive, my husband and I pay for our’s out of pocket entirely because he’s self employed. I spent 5 days in the hospital this May and the bill was over 30K. If I hadn’t had insurance I would have been screwed. As it is, our deductible is $5650 a year. Get yourself at least a catastrophic policy that covers you if you have a major illness that requires hospitalization, they’re somewhat cheaper and can save your family the horror of financial ruin from hospital bills.

:noway: Stitchwitch, 30K for 5 days in the hospital! Holy moly…

Rorschach, for adults ear infections can sometimes go away by themselves, but if you’ve been into this for a while it’s probably time to go see a doctor. I had problems with my ears being plugged and the nurse told me to put a few drops of vegetable oil (such as olive oil) in my ears with a seringe every now and then. I thought it was weird, but apparently it helps preventing it. :shrug:

I can certainly see your point, and while I agree with it, being unemployed doesn’t really help with the matter.

Bless your heart! :heart: Ear infections can make you absolutely miserable. I agree with everyone–try one of those walk-in clinics and ask the doctor for a generic antibotic if he prescribes you antibotics. Places like Wal-Mart and K-Mart will fill some generics for only $4.00.
Home remedies to make it feel better-warm, not hot, compresses to the ear–very soothing. My grandma always used to make use put “sweet oil” in our ears when we had an ear ache. However, as an adult I found “sweet oil” is just olive oil–yep, just like you cook with so I [B][U]DO NOT[/U][/B] recommend that.
I know what its like to have to have treatment without insurance. Years ago I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery without insurance–no choice. The hospital would only keep me a total of 23 hours-12 hours in the emergency room, then 11 hours in surgery and recovery room then I was out on the street being sent home. I survived. But it took me three years to pay off my hospital bill!
Hope you feel better soon!

Ugh. Do you have anyplace like the health dept that you can go in and get discounted care? Poor thing, I hope your ear gets better.

well yes, I found that out, thanks largely to Silver for making the suggestion. I went to an urgent care facility, and they confirmed the ear infection, and gave me a prescription for Hydrocodone. so hopefully in the next few days I can get rid of this darn thing. Thanks to all for the suggestions, I’ll keep them in mind for prevention. :slight_smile:

Wait! All they gave you was a pain killer? And a strong one at that. No antibiotics? Hydrocodone is Vicodin, an extremely strong pain killer, it won’t do anything to relieve the infection at all. :hmm:

Wow - my husband just went this morning to the Care Now for an ear infection. The dr. prescribed Cipro Otic solution. The dr. cost $150 and the meds cost $89.
I just read in my home remedies that moist heat is really good for the pain. So take a wet washcloth and put it in the microwave for a moment. Stick your head on it and it should (I hope) help.
Hope yours goes away soon…

Is it? then I misread the label. there was several prescriptions that I had to pick up yesterday, and I thought the hydrocodone was mine, there was one for amoxycillin here. oops. I’ve been taking the wrong meds. :aww:

As far as the microwave thing, I’m not gonna stick my head in the microwave, got enough of a tan, thanks :wink:

:roflhard: At least you were pain free for awhile! Take the amox it will do a better job. :roflhard: