E. Zimmerman's baby blanket

Has anyone made this pattern…?? any hints that will help me?:blooby:

Which one do you mean, exactly?

You have to be more specific when asking questions and post links when you have them.

Exactly, I know she has a number of baby blankets in her books, but which one do you mean?

Is it the one knit entirely in garter stitch, triangle by triangle, so it kind of looks like a square sandwich cut into triangles? [SIZE=1](I’m not explaining it very well, am I? :oops:)[/SIZE]

yes it is on page 92 of ez’s Knitting Workshop book…
Square Baby Blanket. I started it slipping the 1st stitch after i Turn…when I got to the place when I was picking up ne stitch more every other row I had holesssssss…