Dyeing Wool Ease

Has anyone had success dying wool-ease? I have some left over in the fisherman color but I would like to try and dye it will it work?

Take a few yards and try it? If you’re thinking KoolAid, that’ll dye the wool, but don’t think it will do anything to the acrylic but stain it, which will fade out after a while. But you might get a nice heathered effect.

I think Sue is right-the result you would get won’t be a real “deep” color because Wool-ease is 80% acrylic, and I don’t think acryclic would take Kool-aid dye at all. But it would be fun to experiment with.

I have recently tried fiddling around with Kool-aid dying and used some Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool (100%) wool. It’s really a pretty good value for the price. It took the dye well, although I am not sure about my own talent at it. :slight_smile: So if you want to get into Kool-aid dying, you might want to try the Fisherman’s wool.