Dyeing with Kool Aid

I came across this great chart a while ago, and saved the image to my computer. Regrettably, I can no longer find the website it came from, or I’d link to it.

[later…I’ve realized I shouldn’t have this image in this thread without permission. Now that we know the site’s address, here’s a link to this great color chart image!]

Description of chart: Samples were made by using Kool Aid and Flavor Aid (FA) to dye the yarn! The left column appears to be dyed on white wool, while the right column is the same color dyed on a natural grey wool.

Very cool.

Found it! Here’s the original site:

Also, it has the recipes of how to actually dye the yarn with koolaid. Very cool stuff.

If anyone tries it, I’d be very interested in your results.

Great detective work, Jessica!!!

Yay! That site has great info!


More info on dyeing with Kool-Aid


It would be neat if you made a video possibly on this Amy. Just a thought.

thepiper.com is offline as of 11/19/05 :frowning:

Pity. I hope it comes back up soon - that was an awesome chart.

The current issue of Creative Knitting (Jan 05) magazine has a good article on koolaid/Rit dyeing if anyone is interested.

There’s a feature in Knitty.com on using Kool Aid as well. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to have some yarn off my spinning wheel soon that I’m going to use Kool Aid on…Now to pick the colors…

Here’s a great page on it too, talks about using tamarindo KA to tone down colors, and just great info overall:


I’m ordering some Bartlett Fisherman’s natural or WOTA natural to try this with. :slight_smile: As soon as I finish what’s on my needles, I’ve promised myself. :slight_smile:

We tried this when I went to visit mom lol we got beige yarn and then grape koolaid while it was dying we thought ohhh how gross that is going to be when we took it out and rinsed it we had peach yarn… :?? LOL It was alot of fun and hopefully after Christmas I can try it some more… knittygritty did a show on all types of dying you could do too…

I found the chart again! Archive.org had that page archived, so I’ve edited my original post, and the link works again. :wink:

purlgrrl, that site is great! Love the patterned sock yarn she made!

was there color left in the water when you took out the yarn? The site talks about how yarn absorbs color at different rates so you need to wait for the water to be clear in order to be done. I have used food coloring (I would have had to buy koolaid but I already owned food coloring, lol) and when I made purple it absorbed all the red before it absorbed the blue so I just kept nuking it until the water at the bottom of the dish was clear. Let me go take some pics and I’ll post how mine turned out…

Here are the yarns I dyed with food coloring. The gray balls are the original color.

:inlove: Thoes are soooo pretty!

[size=1]I don’t need another hobby I don’t need another hobby I don’t need another hobby…[/size]

For me it was learn to dye with food coloring or make everything gray. :rofling: It is really easy, I do it after the kids go to bed and hang them in the shower to dry. It is easy, fast and fairly mess free. Not a bad hobby to take up if you ask me. :smiley:

You really are not helping me any here. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: That’s because I’m not trying to! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I just got my first dying yarn today, and am going to try it this Sunday (if I can get the time). Do you HAVE to have a microwave to do the kool-aid dying? I have a boatload of kool-aid, but no microwave.

um, the other options are putting it in your trunk on a hot day or putting it in the sun for a few hours. Both a problem in winter. You should check the site, maybe they have some more options I didn’t bother to read:

kool-aid dyeing

duh, I just read it and it says you can steam it in a vegetable steamer for half an hour instead.

Julie, that dying is lovely!!!

Is all that yarn wool? Have you tried various yarn types?