Dyeing silk vs. changing one of my wedding colors

hi everyone!

i want to ask some advice. i’m getting married this summer, and i plan on making my bridesmaids silk scarves to wear during the ceremony. (i’m not having them buy a dress - just wear all black - so these scarves will tie their looks together). i was planning on having them each hold two calla lillies tied together with a blueish purple ribbon. i was going to buy the silk for the scarves and the ribbon in the same color, but i can’t find the yarn i’m looking for locally (i’m leaving for a month in a week and i need to take it with me to start the scarves), but i found the yarn i’d like in an eggplant color, and also in a natural color. how difficult/time consuming/expensive is it to dye silk? or maybe i should just go slightly more purple with my color scheme and just buy the eggplant color since that would be super easy?? what would you do?

i’m asking you because everyone here that i would ask is receiving one of the scaves, and i want them to be a surprise!! (oh, and none of my friends here would know about dyeing silk). thanks in advance!

Personally, I’d just alter the color scheme a bit. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to add in extra steps. This also would guarantee that all the scarves would match. Just my opinion. Good luck with everything!

If you dyed your yarn to “match” the ribbon, you STILL have the stress and tedious task of acheiving dyed results that match your ribbon. Better to, IMHO, go with the eggplant yarn and find ribbon to blend. ANOTHER option might be to find a yarn and ribbon that compliment one another… I wouldn’t however mess with dyeing…not for this.

Or buy ribbon and yarn and dye both at the same time.

There was a seller on etsy who does hand painted silks and she had a tutorial. I’m digging away for you to see if I can find it.

Dyeing silk isn’t any more difficult than dyeing wool. A bit easier, in fact, since you don’t really have to worry about felting it.

But, I would not want to try to match my yarn to a pre-dyed ribbon. I’d either find a yarn and ribbon that already match, or buy a silk ribbon and dye it and the yarn at the same time. If time or stress is an issue, I wouldn’t mess with dyeing, though.

It’s not that easy to get solid colors when doing hand-dyeing, either. Generally once you knit up the yarn you can see that it’s darker in places and lighter in others.

I dye a lot of silk, since I can’t use animal fibers, and the process is quite easy, but getting the colours to match things is more difficult. I think the idea of dyeing both the ribbon and the yarn at the same time is quite a good idea. However, tonal purples are quite nice - so if you make sure the two colours are different enough that it doesn’t look like they’re supposed to match exactly, the layering effect of colours can be nice.

I have to agree with Knitmama. A wedding is stressful enough without adding such a task as trying to match the colors perfectly. A slight change to the colorscheme is what I would do. When are you getting married? How many scarves are you knitting? What a nice present they’ll make, too. Sharing your love of knitting with friends who will appreciate the gift and the time it took to knit each one is a lovely gesture. Congratulations and have a very happy, happy wedding day!!! :cheering:

thanks to everyone for the advice! but of course i’m still torn and haven’t decided. i haven’t bought any ribbon yet, so i could buy white ribbon and dye it at the same time as the silk. i haven’t really dyed anything before (i dyed some sheets when i was in college, but i think that’s the only time i’ve used anything but hair dye!), so i just didn’t know how easy or difficult it would be, especially on a finicky fiber like silk. i’m ok with variations in the tone, so i might go that route instead of buying the eggplant, but…it would just be so easy to buy the eggplant and have it be done with!! (but then i’d have to find ribbon to match - or at least compliment - that yarn.)
the wedding’s not till september 14th, so i’ve got some time. i’m making five scarves, and they take me about a week or 10 days each, so i’m not too worried about having enough time, i’m more concerned with having an exciting project with me on my upcoming trip.
thanks again!