Dyeing Resources

Post your links to dye information and supplies here! I’ll get it started with what I think is the greatest most comprehensive link about dying:

Paula Burch’s All about Dying

Some of the ones I’ve found and been given over the last few months:



Here are a couple tutorials/informational sites that I have bookmarked.

Self striping yarn http://www.eunnyjang.com/knit/2005/12/techniques_selfstriping_yarn.html
hand painted koolaid dyeing http://www.lusciousgracious.com/koolaid.htm
Stovetop method with Wilton’s http://pieknits.blogspot.com/2006/02/dyeing-with-wiltons-icing-dye.html

New online magazine just started called Spindle and Wheel. It has a good article about mixing your own colors.


This site helped me a lot…


Great resource for supplies is Prochemical and they provide directions online for most if not all of their products.

This link is good for color basics:


http://earthues.com/ Natural dye extracts. (I interened with them for 9 months…). I only use natural dyes now, and extracts make it much easier.

My favorite type of chemical dyes, IMO much more light and color fast than some of the others out there.

Fabrics to Dye For has Jacquard Acid Dyes in the 8 oz jars for good prices, which is much more economical if you dye very much. The 1/2 oz jars are only $3.14. I have used these dyes for wool for quite a while and I really like them.


wow!! thank you all!

I have a question about dyeing cotton yarn on a cone. I would like to dye a white cotton yarn on the cone with a dark value, a medium valu and a light value color to create my own color ombre yarn. Could I use fabric dye in a squirt bottle to create the areas where I want the dark value and two other bottles of a more diluted dye for the medium value and the light value areas? I know the colors will bleed into each other and that is what I want the colors to do. Right now I am using an ombre greenball that has a light shade of green, a dark green, and a cream that is almost yellow in color. It isn’t working up like I had hoped it would.

Here is a neat article on Drip Dyeing…a great way to use up small amounts of dye.


I hate to dye. But I have pounds & pounds of natural color yarn Ive spun. Since I will be alone this holiday I want to knit a “knockaround” sweater out of some yarn that was spun for me. It was gorgeous lambswool/angora & the spinner guy ruined it by spinning it too tight. Its just been sitting here forever. It will no doubt wear like iron, but I need to dye it a nice servicable color. I favor blues but that is the most fleeting color, so Im opening my mind to a brown just for the practicality. I have 2 & a half pounds of this. But my largest dye thing isnt quite big enough. (Nesco electric cooker). Im sure I wont be doing anything this large again. Can anyone think of a makeshift container that would work?

Or does anyone do dye services? I really hate to dye.