Dyeing acrylic yarn

Hey everyone my name is Tonya and I am new to this forum. I have tons of white acrylic yarn and I want to dye it and use when crocheting my new projects to sell, and I am not sure which dyes to use. This is something I have been wanting to do is to dye my own yarn for a bit now, and want to know if any of you have dyed acrylic yarn before and hve had any luck! Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to KH.

When I googled I found a few things about dying acrylic yarn.


I wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to try dyeing acrylic yarn. Too many chemicals to deal with, and the fumes would probably make me sick for weeks.

I have enjoyed dyeing wool yarn with Kool-Aid and food coloring, though. Safe, and very easy to do.

Dharma Trading Co is my ‘go to’ place for buying dyes.

Do they sell dyes for acrylic yarns though?

It seems so. http://www.prochemical.com/directions/ProsperseImmersionAcrylic.htm I wouldn’t do it.

I meant regarding the Dharma Trading Co that was linked in the previous post…

Oh. OK.

Yes, Suzeeq … that was a direct link to the acrylic dye they sell. It doesn’t seem like it gives bright colors or is color fast. See note on their website:

USE FOR: Tub Dyeing large quantities where you just want some quick color but brilliance and longevity is not an issue

Thanks, I didn’t follow the link, I was busy catching up on posts after being away for part of the weekend.