Dyed roving? - ordered

Does anyone have any colorful wool roving this would be interested in selling or trading? I would like to try my hand at making felted soaps for some ladies this Christmas and my LYS closed last month !! I went to 2 other yarn shops (too snobby for me to call local) and neither sells roving.

There is a TON of dyed roving on etsy… www.etsy.com

If you can’t find any that suit you or have certain colors in mind I’d be glad to dye some for you. :slight_smile:

Go to www.SpinningYarnsOnline.com. I sell dyed merino wool roving. I have a few colorways on my site right now and can custom dye anything that you would like.


Thank you Julie for the Etsy tip. I created an acct and found what I think I was looking for. I just wanted a small amount of different colors and there was a seller with a back of like 6 colors totally 3 oz for $4 !!!

What seller did you use? I was thinking of doing the same thing for a few people. I put in dyed roving on etsy and got so many hits that my head was spinning!

Seller was dbarrstuff - I haven’t gotten my roving yet. She sent me an e-mail last week (before I left on vacation) saying it was going in the mail and she had included a little something extra for me. Upon return from vacation tonight I have an e-mail from her saying it got returned to her for unsufficient postage and that she was putting it right back in the mail…Kinda sucks cause I have tomorrow off and was hoping to get them done…oh well. The price was GREAT