Dyed Roving A 1st!

It was tons of fun :slight_smile: And turned out very pretty if I do say so myself.

And here it is spun. I really love the slight variations in this.

I definatly see more dying in my future :wink:

:inlove: the color!! You did a great job :thumbsup:

going away now saying you don’t need to learn how to spin… no you don’t… stop it… you don’t… with dh, kids and knitting when would you spin… but its soooo pretty… :rofling:

Wow Sandra, you’ve really taken off with the spinning! The roving is beautiful :inlove: :inlove: - was it difficult to dye the roving? I’d be nervous about ruining it, like accidentally felting it or something.

:smiley: GORGEOUS!!!

:shock: Do not resist the spinning :shock: (thoes are supposed to hypnotize you heehehe)

It actually was not that hard to dye it. The roving did felt up a little but that was only because my soaking water and the simmering water were two different temperatures. the roving stills spins up very nicely. We just soaked the roving, put it in the water, poured Koolaid over it and Voilia! pretty colors. Next time I think that I will try making koolaid mixtures, pouring it over the roving, wrapping it with plastic wrap and setting it on the rack in the pan so that it will steam. I have heard that there is less chance of the wool felting when you do that. I tell you what though, I was very worried when everything was in the pan soaking the koolaid up It looked very gross.