Dyed at last!

I dyed my first hank of wool tonight!!! YAY!!! I keep missing the art supply store, so I just went with a creative mix of food coloring and vinegar, but it is AWESOME! It’s pretty saturated still, but I’ll post pics when it dries. I’m surprised at the level of variegation using the stovetop method with pre-mixed dye bath, but it really came out cool! SO EXCITED!!!


yeah! can’t wait to see it. love variegation!!! :thumbsup:

OOH! How FUNNNNN! Cant wait to see the result!


So glad I tinked your links! That sock tutorial is GREAT!

I’m going to try this on the needles thing for giggles, if I can remember everything.

On the Needles:

Aran Shawl (My first design!), Prayer Shawl, Bubby Bear, Joseph Jacket, “Spa” facecloth, Cottage socks, Strap for felted bag #1, Felted satchel #2, seed stitch alpaca scarf, Edith’s Baby Blanket

Ok, seeing that in black in white… My name is Sean and I have a problem.

MY links?? That sock tutorial is Silver’s!! I cant take ANY responsibility for HER genious! :lol:

But…um…THANKS! :shifty:

oooh how i needed that giggle! :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Ok, here it is! my camera takes ROTTEN pictures for the most part, but this gives an idea anyway… I’m not in love with it, but don’t hate it enough to redye it, I don’t think. It’s kinda cool anyway, my first baby and all. :wink:

P.S. The blue strings are the binders. The entire bottle of blue food coloring had little effect. :wink:

BEAUTIFUL!!! What are you going knit with it?

fun! is that green or blue? i thought it was green but you mentioned blue food coloring so my computer may be displaying it funky.

it’s totally green, the camera stinks. i would call it a mossy sea green, i guess, not including the variegation. I had a mishap when making the dye bath (of course!) I wanted a nice deep blue, even if it was a lighter shade, as long as it was rich. I used the entire bottle of blue and it wasn’t dark enough so I added a bit of yellow and green (errantly playing the green and yellow make blue, it’s sealed! commercial in my head) and a touch of red to try to make it darker. Of course, it’s yellow and blue that make green, thank you Ziploc, so I think somehow the tiny fraction of yellow and green completely overpowered the blue. It’s all right though.

I think I am making Seeds and Blocks Scarf as this happens to be Fisherman’s Wool, but I need to chop it down to 21 stitches because somehow a 4 oz wound ball of it has disappeared somewhere in my apartment. <sigh> If I like the way it knits up, it will be mine, otherwise it will be for my brother. :wink: He likes green.

well you could figure out how to do the pattern in a narrower version and let it be longer. not sure how to do it cuz i am not one for high math but it could be done i am sure!

well, i figured the 21 stitches should put me right around 4-1/2 inches wide and should still be able to get to the 60" in length since i’m cutting the width in half (i think?), and i think that’s plenty for a guy’s scarf. i can’t see me or my brother walking around with a 9 inch wide scarf. hopefully i’m right on that! we’ll find out! :wink:

lol…sorry i read that you were going to make it a 21 inch scarf…having a dumb brunette moment i guess! :wink: