Dye Run

I knitted a sleeveless shell in the round. Before knitting the cap sleeves and neck, I was told to block the item. I hnd washed the item, but the dye in the yarn ran, and the front of the sweater does not match the back. The proprietor of the store said she has never seen anything like it. She advised that I wash it again in cool water. I did, and again the dye ran. I took it back to the knit shop and she now tells me to wash it in a vinegar solution. She said that she has had no other complaints about the yarn. The yarn isLLH yarn Cadiz, c otton, acrylic and rayon. It is blue variegated yarn. The proprietor of the store just says I will have to wear a shell with a front that is different than the back. Has this happened to anyone else?

PS I contacted the yarn company via email

I feel for you but have never had a dye run problem. I would also want a refund of my money. You shouldn’t have to live with different colored front and back if you washed it according to the instructions.

How aweful! I’ve never used that yarn and never had dye running that much before.

Did you wash/block the front and back together? Odd they bled so differently - I’d have expected them to match up and the dye run more evenly, so maybe the end result was different then the original yarn purchase but at least the 2 pieces matched more closely.

Have you heard back yet from the manufacturer? Hopefully you’ll get a more satisfactory response from them. But I don’t think I’d particularly want to use that yarn again!