Dye lots

I just bought some yarn from webs to complete the amt. I need for a sweater.
well, they didn’t have the same dye lot I bought originally (which I had kind of expected) but in this new order, they sent 2 lots instead of one.
do you think for this yarn - rowan tapestry - it will matter?

also, it wasn’t on sale or anything. would you complain, or just let it go?

I’m a little disgruntled.

PS also, when they told me they didn’t have the old lot and asked me what to do I send to send me what they did have, but in yarn store language does that really mean just send me any odd balls lying around??

of course not … that is not acceptable… people who are in the yarn business knows that … i visit a store in switzerland and i bought 2 dozen different colours of supermerino yarn …you bet the lady look thru at all dye lot one by one …even though the store is packed with 6 people on line…

I think Webs is pretty good about things like that. If they say they didn’t have the same dye lot, they probably didn’t. Since the Tapestry is multicolored, the lot number may not make that much of a difference. Some yarns have no difference between lots, and some are noticeably different.

Take out your yarn and put all the balls together. See if you can tell which are different. If there is a bit of a difference, and Webs can’t help you, you could use those balls for the sleeves or edging, maybe?

I have nothing useful to add other than …

Tapestryyy :drool:

I’m looking at this yarn for a scarf - would this be too itchy for someone with sensitive skin? I can only wear superwash merino wool, o/w it’s too itchy for me, but i LOOOVE their colorways!


That’s iffy. I’ve been knitting a swatch with it, and it’s lovely on the hands and needles, but I don’t know if it would be good against bare, sensitive skin.

nuknitter -
the reason I’m knitting a sweater is because the scarf was too itchy!

I didn’t wash it, but I had the feeling at the time that that probably wouldn’t have changed things.
I think it actually feels a little softer in the skein than knit into something…

Ingrid - I now have 8 balls, split into 2, 2, and 4 of three different lots.
one lot seems like it looks different than the others, but I’m not really sure. maybe if I have to keep them I can just put dark stripes in between changes?

but I guess I will call them and see what they say.
thanks for the moral support, everyone!

I bought two skeins of it in the same dye lot and one was a lot brighter than the other. :shrug: But the entrelace scarf still looks pretty good; half of it is a bit more muted than the other.