Dye Experts, HELP! How dangerous is dye?

So I’m watching Uncommon Threads the other day and someone is dying fabric. She’s talking about how dangerous dyes are, particularly in powder form. She says you should use a mask, gloves, never use pots or utensils that you use for cooking and never dye in your kitchen or around food.

I always dye my yarn in the kitchen, where else am I gonna do it? I don’t use a mask, or even gloves. And I’ve used a big stock pot for dying. It’s huge and I haven’t cooked in it since then, but is it ruined for cooking?? If so, crap! It’s a $50 stock pot!

Oh… I use Jacquard Acid dyes. While I don’t dye stuff very often, I’m kinda concerned. Have I put myself in danger using these powdered dyes so flippantly? :doh:

I bought special pots for dyeing (b/c I didn’t have non-reactive pots) and use gloves and a dust-mask, but I do use other kitchen things that we also use for food. I just don’t use anything porous so that I can ensure whatever I use can be cleaned thoroughly. I also use a bit of bleach during cleanup.

I do use the mask b/c I’m worried about inhaling the powder, but the gloves are to protect myself from staining my hands. I’ve gotten dye on them numerous times, though, without any pain, inflammation, etc.

I’m not sure what the problem with the dyes is, exactly. I wonder if the directions are more for people who are dyeing mass quanitities of fiber and therefore run the risk of coming into contact with toxic materials?

I’m sure that if you’re cleaning everything really well, you’ll be fine. Especially since you don’t dye that often or that much at a time.

That’s what I thought too. I do clean everything REALLY well. I’m just careful when I’m mixing or pouring dyes. In fact, it’s probably best that I dye in the kitchen because I’m super careful so I don’t make a mess in my purty kitchen! lol

I dye in the kitchen too–there’s nowhere else to do it! It’s pretty open and well-ventilated, so I’m not worried.

Re keeping the kitchen clean: We have wood-grain-looking counter-tops, and I have a heckuva time determining when they’re clean. I wiped an area three times once after a fairly lengthy dye session, only to discover later that I’d still missed some dye powder. I dealt with little blue spots for three days because I never could get it all :rofl:

I don’t use a face mask but i do use gloves, and not for safety so much but because i don’t like multi-colored hands lol. BUT, i DO NOT use anything i’d use to cook with to dye my yarn. I have seperate bowls for mixing and i have a stock pot from walmart that i use. and if it gets on my counter, a little bleach pen works amazingly! :slight_smile:

if you are using food safe dyes like kool aid and wiltons, i wouldn’t worry about reusing the utensils/pots. however you said you use Jacquard Acid dyes, and i would not use the same utensils to cook with in that situation. those are not formulated for consumption, and i would definatly not use that pot to cook with in the future. too bad it’s a $50 pot!! [SIZE=1][COLOR=dimgray]ouch :pout:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Does the dye leach into the pots/utensils/bowls? That’s what I don’t understand. I know there are residues of all sorts that we can’t see–is that the problem here?

I use citric acid as the mordant, and I know it’s not a problem–it’s used to can fruit and is sprinkled on candies–I’ve been in contact with that stuff all my life.

So, the only toxin I’m using is the dye. What [U]exactly[/U] is it doing to my pots/utensils/bowls? :thinking:

I’m calling Pro Chem today–I’ll share whatever info they give!

Thanks Angelia. I’d love to hear what they say!