Dutch heel turn

My feet are weird so i use the dutch heel method (aka square heel, common heel) to turn the heel. Its perfect but i dont understand the math behind it. I read somewhere that row 1 you work across two-third of the stitches, ssk, turn. On row 2 purl across one-third of the stitches and p2tog, turn. Then id just work one stitch after the gap till all the stiches are used up. So if i have 12 st, id knit 8, ssk, turn then purl 4, p2tog And turn. The problem is im trying to substitute this heel turn in patterns but without knowing the math its really hard to do especially when working odd number of stitches. Also i slip the first stitch of every row. Im not sure if i should count this slipped stitch or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh i think there is a modified square where u work 2 stitches past center, decrease, work 1 stitch then turn. If someone knows how to do this one id like to know

Check out this website. It explains most all types of heels and may have the information you need.


Blss777, were you able to figure out and work the heel you needed?

Oops sorry for the late response, I got caught up in knitting swatches. Turning the heel on the a sock has really caught my attention. Thanks for the link, I had no idea that some of these other heels existed. I figured out the dutch heel and I’m in love with the modified version. Just by chance, do you know how to substitute a round heel for a dutch heel in pattern? By doing the swatches i realized that each method gives you a different amount left on the needle. Im currently doing a pattern that uses a round heel over 22 heel stitches. When i finish turning the heel I have 14 stitches left and after i pick up stitches from both sides (11+11) and knit across the instep (+30) i have a total of 66 stitches (then i decrease till I have the original 52). If I do a dutch heel I have 8 stitches left on the needle and if pick up and add back in the instep, i have a total of 60 stitches. Is this what is suppose to happen since the heel is changing the “fit” of the sock and as long as i decrease back to the original amount I’m okay or am I doing something wrong? Sorry this is so long. If you don’t know the answer its ok, I’m just happy to know different heels.

Jot down notes as you go if this is the first sock, so you can do the same on the second sock.

From what you stated it all sounds correct to me. Some socks have you work the heel over an equal amount as the front, others don’t. Just so you dec back to the original 52 sts I don’t think you should have any trouble.

I have not made any socks recently but I was happy to find that website. It will allow me or anyone else to make basics socks without being tied to a pattern. As long as I know the math formula part of it, I can pretty much figure any of it out.

Good luck and let us know how it works out and post a picture if you can.

thanks I will!