I’m looking for a pattern for a duster, or long cardigan (free or for purchase). Anyone know of any? Thanks

There is a cabled one in Better Homes and Gardens Knitted Cold-Weather Sweaters, a booklet put out by Leisure Arts. It’ made from bulky yarn. I know that I’ve seen some in other books, too. I’ll keep my eye out.

There’s a cute one in the book The Knit Stitch called the Einstein Coat. Also, I was JUST looking at a free pattern on the web last night, but I don’t remember where. If I see it I’ll share it.
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Here is one that says it’s a coat but still maybe something along the lines of what you’re looking for:


You might also try Googling for “knitting patterns coat” or “long cardigan”. Sometimes if I am more descriptive with my keywords I find just what I’m looking for! Good luck. :slight_smile:


A duster is floor length, isn’t it? You know, styled after the kind they used when riding horses in the old days. Oh well, anyway, here’a a long jacket that I think is cute. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-thenAndNowJacket.html

It might be floor length, but I’m kinda short, so anything that falls to the knees on any average height person would probably be floor length to me :lol: . Thanks, everyone for your input. I think I might have found a few I might consider knitting.

you should ask Mer about that mermaid pattern…its a beautiful cardi/coat thingie. I think there is quite a bit about it in her blog thread.

Have you seen the Sylvi by Mari Muinonen on TwistCollective, it sis awesome. Only $7