Duplicate stitching question

Ok… silly question I’m sure, but what’s the best way to secure your yarn when you’re doing so few duplicate stitches in one spot? I first tried tying the two ends together in the back in a triple knot when finished, making sure to keep it loose so the blanket wouldnt bunch, but thought it really left a bump in the back. So then with the gold color I tried just making knot balls in the back to keep it from coming out. I thought about carrying the thread through other stitches but you can see it through the front (unless of course I’m doing it wrong which is entirely possible).

How would you secure these threads that only require 3 and 4 duplicate stitches? (Pic attached to show pattern)

ps… it should be noted that pattern repeats down the length of the blanket but there’s a 22 row spread between each repeat.



BUMP!!! :thumbsup:

Hee–I’ve been hoping this would get an answer, too. It looks so cute, but I haven’t a clue.

Yeah… that’s a good one. The only thing I can suggest is to weave the ends through the purl bumps on the wrong side keeping them under the color work area and hope it’s not noticeable on the front. This is one of those tricky knitting problems. :??

Thanks guys! If anything, I’m just happy to hear that I’m not a complete novice. I’ll see about hiding them under the pearl eyelets… going off to try now. :XX: :smiley: